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“I’ve heard that sleep consultants just use CIO (cry it out)? Is this a technique that you use?

We wouldn’t feel comfortable with CIO either. We would never expect our clients to do this, when we couldn’t even do this ourselves.

Whilst there are always some tears of protest and struggle when your baby is learning a new skill, you can be right by them supporting them physically and emotionally as they learn.

Luckily there are many gentle ways to support your baby whilst they learn to sleep. We don’t believe in a one size fits all approach. We will offer a technique that suits your parenting style and your baby’s temperament. One that you’re very comfortable with.

“I’ve tried so many things, I think my baby is different and is just not fixable. I’ve almost come to accept that my baby is just never going to be a great sleeper. Can you really help my baby?”

You’re our favourite mums to work with! A huge percentage of our parents have had a sleepless journey for many months.   

After trying so many things they have come to believe that they have the baby that is just not fixable.

The truth is most babies are just not ‘bad sleepers’ they just need a little help to learn some new ways. This is where we can help!

“I’ve tried different sleep training techniques before and have been disappointed. Why will this be any different?”

Getting sleep on track involves much more than just using a sleep training technique. We look at all the pieces of the puzzle which includes naps, timing, feeding timing, environment just to name a few to put the puzzle together. Then we hold your hand and guide you every step of the way to sleep success!


Shelley, Owen and Eli 2.5 yrs

Emma is amazing! Thanks to her we now have twin 2.5yr old boys that go to bed themselves without a drama & sleep all night long! This is a big change - we used to battle with bed times & night waking, which was leaving everyone tired & miserable. Now everyone wakes up...

Samantha and Sophia, 10.5 months

I can’t thank Emma enough for the things she had taught me. Id read all the books and did so much research, I’d tried everything I thought possible to get Sophia to sleep better- Emma was my last resort, and to be honest, I didn’t have high expectations. From the day...

Shannon and Freddy, 6 months

Emma was fantastic! So reassuring and comforting. We have always been told that when a baby comes along, sleep is a thing of the past. But with Emma’s help we have seen MASSIVE improvements and both my little man and I are so so much happier! Sleep is such an...

Sarah and Alexander, 11 months

Our little boy Alexander slept well, until at 6 months things took a turn. Several wake ups a night eventually turned to two hour wakings all night. Occasionally he’d have a good night, which made me think there might be something ‘wrong’ with him: teething, too hot,...

Tegan and Ryley, 4.5 months

We contacted Emma for our little 4 and a half month old girl who was cat napping anywhere from 20mins-40mins, right up until her bedtime at 10pm. I was unable to put her down any earlier, she was unsettled and very overtired by the end of the day. I was feeding to...

Leesa and Hazel, 22 months

I approached Emma after having a toddler permanently moved into our bed. Living in a rural area her telephone support was amazing and the tools she taught us worked very quickly and is something we will continue to use on our newborn. I highly recommend Emma, her...

Kelly and George, 21 months

I can’t recommend Emma enough!!. From the minute Emma walked into our home I felt at ease. Emma has a wonderful caring, gentle nature which put us and our children at ease. Our 21 month old had progressively gotten into terrible sleep habits to the point we couldn’t...

Emma and Lacey, 4.5 months

WHAT A WONDERFUL WOMAN!!! Before I contacted Emma I was at my absolute wits end with what to do with my little bubba Lacey. Lacey had colic until 3 months which meant for me to keep sane I felt I had no choice but to sleep her on my chest for every single daytime nap....

Andie and Archer, 8 months

I approached Emma when our son was eight months old and had been waking up every 1.5-2 hours for over four months. I had done all the 'right' things and read all the books, had a schedule, age appropriate awake and nap/ bed times etc... but the overnights were...

Kath and Sonny, 4 months

After a rocky start to life and a number of stays in the Children’s Hospital, Sonny became used to sleeping in our arms. We were fine with this as he had been unwell and we wanted him close to us, but once his medical issues were sorted, we knew we needed help. Sonny...

How to achieve the best overnight sleep for your baby.

We all love and need our sleep. And when we have a baby that’s not sleeping well, we will do almost anything to help. 

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