Shelley, Owen and Eli 2.5 yrs

Emma is amazing! Thanks to her we now have twin 2.5yr old boys that go to bed themselves without a drama & sleep all night long! This is a big change – we used to battle with bed times & night waking, which was leaving everyone tired & miserable. Now everyone wakes up recharged after a great nights sleep! Straight away I felt very comfortable working remotely with Emma on the phone & she quickly got to understand our boys & what techniques were going to work. Her advice gave us the confidence to implement some key changes & after just the first two nights we were already seeing massive improvements. My only regret is not getting Emma sooner!

Samantha and Sophia, 10.5 months

I can’t thank Emma enough for the things she had taught me. Id read all the books and did so much research, I’d tried everything I thought possible to get Sophia to sleep better- Emma was my last resort, and to be honest, I didn’t have high expectations. From the day Sophia was born she was a terrible sleeper and I thought this was just going to be her.. But within 10 days, Sophia’s sleep habits drastically improved. She now sleeps 2 hours during the day and 12 hours at night, We’ve also stopped feeding during the night. It’s like I have a brand new baby!

Shannon and Freddy, 6 months

Emma was fantastic! So reassuring and comforting. We have always been told that when a baby comes along, sleep is a thing of the past. But with Emma’s help we have seen MASSIVE improvements and both my little man and I are so so much happier! Sleep is such an important piece to the health puzzle and I am so glad we got help when we did – even if it did take a month of procrastination from me. Thank you Emma!

Sarah and Alexander, 11 months

Our little boy Alexander slept well, until at 6 months things took a turn. Several wake ups a night eventually turned to two hour wakings all night. Occasionally he’d have a good night, which made me think there might be something ‘wrong’ with him: teething, too hot, too cold, too tired?
Advice came from all directions, all well meaning, but entirely confusing. When people suggested Alexander needed to go to ‘Sleep School’ I felt offended. There was nothing wrong with him; he’d sort himself out soon, I thought.
The thought of going to his 12 month check up with the MCH nurse, and having to lie about his sleeping so she wouldn’t recommend sleep school, AGAIN, made me decide to do something about it.
A friend told me how Emma had helped her son so I called Emma that afternoon. Several days later, after Emma took extensive interviews with us to find out about Alexander and our family, and parenting styles, we had our first meeting.
I came away from that meeting with a plan, contingency plans, and a set of actions that I felt I could achieve. The very first night of actioning the plan, Alexander slept longer than he had in months. By the third night he was sleeping through the night.
Thank you Emma. You did what I didn’t believe was possible: you helped Alexander get a decent night’s sleep. He’s so much happier now and so are his parents!

Tegan and Ryley, 4.5 months

We contacted Emma for our little 4 and a half month old girl who was cat napping anywhere from 20mins-40mins, right up until her bedtime at 10pm. I was unable to put her down any earlier, she was unsettled and very overtired by the end of the day. I was feeding to sleep and took several attempts at putting her down only to wake and cry 5 mins later. Our little girl is now able to settle herself to sleep, connect her sleep cycles, napping for longer and a new bed time of 630pm! Couldn’t be more thankful and appreciative of Emma’s help! I feel so much more confident in myself and my job as a mother!

Leesa and Hazel, 22 months

I approached Emma after having a toddler permanently moved into our bed. Living in a rural area her telephone support was amazing and the tools she taught us worked very quickly and is something we will continue to use on our newborn.
I highly recommend Emma, her approach to sleep issues was very gentle and gradual and our toddler adapted very well.

Kelly and George, 21 months

I can’t recommend Emma enough!!. From the minute Emma walked into our home I felt at ease. Emma has a wonderful caring, gentle nature which put us and our children at ease. Our 21 month old had progressively gotten into terrible sleep habits to the point we couldn’t walk into his room without him having a complete melt down. We were spending hours getting him to sleep – usually in our arms or in our bed, and he would continue to wake multiple times throughout the night. My husband and I were at our wits end and completely and utterly exhausted. Something had to change – that’s when we turned to Emma. Within days our little boy was having both day and night sleeps in his cot. Within a week he was sleeping through the night and we have just spent a weekend away – something we wouldn’t of contemplated prior to seeing Emma. Thank you so much Emma

Emma and Lacey, 4.5 months

WHAT A WONDERFUL WOMAN!!! Before I contacted Emma I was at my absolute wits end with what to do with my little bubba Lacey. Lacey had colic until 3 months which meant for me to keep sane I felt I had no choice but to sleep her on my chest for every single daytime nap. When the colic was subsiding (thanks to Wilbys Colic Mix) I realised I could begin putting her down in her cot. This was not an easy feet as she had such strong associations with sleeping on me. I personally was not a cry it out fan either so had no idea at all how I was going to get her to be happy and sleep in her cot.
I think I was near on breaking point. I was emotionally and physically drained from rocking, feeding to sleep, patting, using the gym ball to sooth her (I was trying to do anything for her to just sleep).
Then Emma, no joke fixed all these issues in about less than 4 days. Yes the first couple days were exhausting but good lord the difference this program has made to Lacey is amazing and some what a miracle in regards to how life has changed for us as a family.
The great thing about this program is you get unconditional support from Emma every single day for 10 days. You don’t just get given a program written on a piece of paper and told good luck.
She was able to hear on the phone the different types of crying that I was unable to tell the difference between. She could tell me when to go into lace/when not to.
Long story cut short please do yourself a favour and use After The Stork if your having sleep problems with your little one, as you will definitely not regret it. It really will change your life.

Andie and Archer, 8 months

I approached Emma when our son was eight months old and had been waking up every 1.5-2 hours for over four months. I had done all the ‘right’ things and read all the books, had a schedule, age appropriate awake and nap/ bed times etc… but the overnights were consistently a blur of sleep deprived madness with frequent wake ups. I am not a person who asks for help easily… but I am glad I followed my instinct on this one, and contacted Emma for help. Emma was so personable, gentle and kind and came into our home and took the time to get to know us and our situation. I felt that addressing the sleep issues in our own home environment was really important. The best part of working with Emma was that she followed up with and supported us for two straight weeks. We are now all having more peaceful nights and so, so many less wake ups. Our son is also napping like a dream baby and we can really make the most of his awake time now as he is so full of energy… and maybe even a bit more cheeky, if that’s possible! Thanks Emma 🙂

Kath and Sonny, 4 months

After a rocky start to life and a number of stays in the Children’s Hospital, Sonny became used to sleeping in our arms. We were fine with this as he had been unwell and we wanted him close to us, but once his medical issues were sorted, we knew we needed help. Sonny would only sleep one sleep cycle and was unable to self settle. This became very tiring and with two other children we contacted Emma for help. Emma was amazing. We talked through the birth and what had happened to date. Emma listened to our story and together we worked out a plan that suited our parenting style and our family. Wow. I was blown away with how things changed in our house in such a short amount of time. Within 3 days Sonny was stringing together sleep cycles and was able to self settle. Night feeds went from 3 to 1. The entire house felt the benefits of Emma’s input. Sonny was so much happier and obviously getting the proper amount of sleep that he needed to result in a very happy boy. I never thought Sonny was a “bad sleeper”, I knew he just needed help with sleeping and Emma’s knowledge and professionalism was amazing. If you’ve thought about getting some help, I couldn’t recommend Emma from After the Stork highly enough.

Jess and Romeo, 5 months

Emma was our saviour!!! With such patience and love Emma helped our little boy to self settle only after 2-3nights. It has been the best technique and advice we have ever received. Highly highly recommend Emma, she is a goddess. Our little Romeo sleeps through the night now and sleeps for all his naps. Thank you! We love you! X

Nikki and Dallas, 16 months

We recently enlisted Emma’s help to get our 16 month old son back into a decent sleep routine. I had been in hospital, my parents (still relatively new to Dallas) had come to stay in order to help out, Dallas got hit with a throat infection and teething (molars) all at once. It was the perfect storm of things that disrupt sleep. My husband did what was necessary to get him back to sleep…. this involved picking him up, bouncing him, rocking him, you name it he did it. When I returned from hospital I wasn’t allowed to pick Dallas up. This made Dallas incredibly angry. As the days progressed he got worse. Dallas went from waking randomly here and there to several times a night. All in the space of a week.
So I called Emma. Because I couldn’t guarantee a specific time that Dallas was particularly bad at sleeping at Emma offered to treat me as an out of state client and our first chat was an hour long phone call. In which we discussed my cheeky clever little monster, who had also figured out that the quickest way to get us in the room was to hurl his comfort elephant over the side of the cot! Well Emma gave us some great suggestions and guided us through the steps. She left us to do the rest but said she would call the next day to check in.
We haven’t had a single problem since that first night. Emma’s tips and tricks worked (super fast!!). I whole heartedly say Thank you!! We are very grateful and would definitely recommend Emma and After the Stork to everyone.

Julie and Ziggy, 8 months.

Sleep deprivation was even more difficult than I had anticipated and I already knew I’d seriously miss my sleep!
Desperation, fear and guilt as well as a completely muddled mind were just some of the symptoms. It felt like everything was falling apart.

Emma came to the rescue when Ziggy was almost 8 months old, after a recommendation from a friend a couple of months earlier. Two weeks later I was kicking myself for not arranging to meet her earlier!

Like many new Mum’s out there, I wanted to believe I would just figure it all out on my own, it would come naturally somehow, as though I spoke Ziggy’s language.. I did not. Well, I learned, but only when my brain recovered from the sleep deprivation.
What worked for us as a Mother & Son team worked extremely well but I just couldn’t get on top of the napping, reading his sleepy signs correctly and and most importantly, “helping him” learn how to sleep.
On top of that, I found myself completely overwhelmed by the amount of conflicting advice and opinions coming my way. Whether or not they were requested.

Emma was so very compassionate and understanding of my situation, her advice and continued support not only had my old self back in action in under two weeks, but I saw a whole new side to Ziggy! He was so much happier.. clearly well rested.

Emma, I can’t thank you enough. You saved me from a scary place.
Ziggy will be forever grateful you helped his Mum teach him such an important skill.

I highly recommend Emma and After the Stork. 🙂

Gillian and Gully, 2yrs 4mths

Emma was fantastic and I’m only sorry we didn’t get in touch with her sooner. Our 28-month-old was going to bed well most nights but waking several times throughout the night and wanting bottles of milk. We knew he was too old for it (the milk particularly) but breaking the habit felt impossible. And we were wrung out! Enter Emma. She spent a lot of time understanding our situation, she devised a plan – and voila, it worked. Astoundingly, immediately. Several weeks on we have a happy toddler who sleeps through the night for a good 11-12 hours and eats well during the day. If you’re struggling with sleep stuff, get Emma. Kind, patient, and really after the best outcome for your baby and you. Thank you Emma, so much. 

Jenny and James, 5 months

I struggle to find words to thank Emma. Before we made contact with Em I was filled with anxiety around my son James’s (5 months) sleep. I felt a real uneasiness in my own home never quite knowing how long he would sleep for. He was cat napping during the day, an extremely fussy feeder and needed to be rocked to sleep most nights.
After Emma, we now have James sleeping two short and a long nap at lunchtime, his feeding has improved out of sight and putting him to sleep at night is a dream. All this in just over a week. Even though we live in WA Emma took the time get to know our family and especially James. Emma, thank you for bringing peace back to our household and to James. We are forever grateful for you being there on the other end of the phone calmly taking us through every step of your plan. Jen and Gra x

Heather and Norah, 6 months

Emma was the hope I clung onto that we would one day sleep again and she delivered!
My 6 month old had been waking every 40 minutes all night long and needing to be fed back to sleep for a month and only napping in my arms, the carrier or the car her whole little life- and those naps were now down to 2-3 x 20 minute naps a day. I was staunchly against sleep training because I had been completely guilted into thinking I would damage my beautiful little baby and she wouldn’t think I loved her anymore- but there’s only so much sleep deprivation one can take!
Emma discussed with me what my priorities were and what I wanted for my babies sleep and what my babies temperament is. She came to my house showed me what I should be doing, gave me a plan and continued to check in with us for 10 days- the phone conversations were invaluable support and direction.
I’m not going to lie- it has been really, really tough but now my bub is going to sleep in her own cot, going to bed at a reasonable time and only feeding a couple of times a night.
I recommend Emma completely, she was amazing.

Kirsty and Sam, 9 months

As gorgeous as our 9 month old Sam is, we decided it was time to contact Emma when his sleep pattern started affecting the whole family. My partner and I were constantly grumpy and we had limited patience or time for our 5 year old son who needed us aswell. I’m a midwife so we sailed through the first 4 months, I knew what I was doing, but then things started to unravel and we didn’t really put up any boundaries, we just thought it would sort itself out.

Basically Sam was having a big 2-3 hour sleep in the morning and then a short sleep in the afternoon, if any, because it was always clashing with school pick ups. He then wouldn’t go to bed at night. He was happy enough but it was exhausting for us and we wanted our evenings back.

I had started back at work, and it was all getting too much for us all. He was also waking at least once overnight for a feed. We knew we had to do something and I knew changes could be made but he was teething, and Christmas was coming up and we knew it was going to be a busy time- should we just wait until the new year??

Emma and I had a chat and although she said its up to us she said sometimes it’s best to bite the bullet and get it started, there is always something and they seem to be teething for ages- we are SO glad we took her advice!!!

After only a week he is asleep without a fuss at 6.30 pm and sleeping through until 6-7 in the morning. We are so glad we made the changes now so that we can enjoy the festive season not exhausted and with a happy sleeping baby. I’ll be honest, the first night was tough, but well worth the results. Emma’s kind support, relaxed personality and clear instructions made it so much easier to cope with, and he was still asleep 2 hours earlier than the night before! Anyone who is thinking whether they should or shouldn’t at this time of year I say go for it!

Jane and Liv, 9.5 months

Emma literally saved our little family! We made a call to Emma in a very fragile and sleep deprived state and we are SO glad we did! We have tried co-sleeping, comforters, sleeping bags, white noise, dummies, rocking, patting, shushing and every other tip that we had heard to try help our little girl sleep but we were still up 6-10 times a night.

Emma was super positive and completely fostered our parenting style to get some amazing results for our bub – and 2 very sleep deprived parents!

It was tough at the start but Emma was there for us every step of the way and although during night 1 we were ready to give up, we are now so very glad we listened to Emma and followed her advice. Lack of consistency was definitely our problem but after only 5 days in we had a fantastic, easy going routine sorted and our confidence in parenting had returned.

Thank you, Emma, for your support and positivity (and for answering our millions of questions!) We have one happy baby on our hands and are all feeling rested for the first time in 9 months! ❤️

Kate and Benji, 9.5 months

As soon as I spoke to Emma I immediately felt completely comfortable and at ease. We welcomed her into our home shortly afterwards and it was a pleasure to meet her. Benji would only feed to sleep, would wake often very unsettled and his day sleeps were all over the shop. From the day we started working with her, Benji’s day sleeps became easier, no more feeding to sleep and he sleeps through and is generally at night is far more settled when he does wake (and now self settles back to sleep). When Benji went down for his first nap, I had the pleasure of talking to Emma for a couple of hours. From birthing stories to our puppies, it was lovely to a chat and feel totally at ease with Emma and her guidance.

Emma helped me with a plan of attack, checked in with me regularly and supported me greatly. I am feeling so much more relaxed and happy, as is Benji. If I regret anything at all, it is not calling her sooner. I would wholeheartedly recommend Emma to any family that needs help. I wouldn’t hesitate in making contact again, if we also needed help in the future. Thanks so much Emma!

Misha and Jordan, 11 months.

When my son was 2-8 months old he was not a great sleeper; he was a colicky baby who would cry for hours on end, waking up many times a night. So at 10 months when he was going to bed at 9pm and waking up 3 times a night I really didn’t think it was that bad. I resigned to the fact that it was normal for a mum to be waking up throughout the night and he was very easily fed back to sleep so I didn’t like to complain, even though I was starting to get tired of it.

A couple in my parents group recommended After The Stork. They said it was the best decision they had ever made and wish they had done it sooner. We live in a rural town 6 hours from Melbourne so I wondered how it would work. We wondered could it really help our son to sleep through the night? Especially only being able to communicate via email and phone.

Emma was so friendly and supportive as she worked together with us to select the best strategies and approaches that fit in with our lives. We were excited yet nervous to start! The first night was tough but each night our son’s sleeping improved. Within 3 nights he was sleeping 12 hours a night and he has never looked back! Emma was in contact with us every day at the start. She talked through the routines and strategies, allowing us to ask any questions and also to make necessary changes to best suit our son.

We are so thankful for the guidance and support Emma gave us to allow our son to sleep through the night. We now have piece of mind that he is getting the best amount of sleep and daytime naps appropriate for his age and we can now make the most of the evenings to ourselves. We can even enjoy a night out every now and then knowing our son wont wake up for our baby sitter! Thank you Emma for giving us the gift of sleep!

Bianca and Emily, 6 weeks

Emma has worked wonders for our little Emily. I asked for her help when Em was just 6 weeks. I did this for two reasons; firstly I’m new to being a mum and secondly, Emily was having issues feeding and sleeping. These days you can get advice from everywhere so I read blogs, websites spoke to friends and family but found it all a little overwhelming and contradictory. I wanted to keep it simple so I sought advice from a professional.

Emma was amazing!!! She armed me with knowledge I needed to make educated decisions and help us set up a framework. The routine we now follow has helped Emily process her food with ease and best of all she sleeps well during the day and long periods at night. She’s more settled which isn’t an easy thing to achieve at such a young age.

We also know we’re encouraging the right behaviour moving forward.

As Emily gets older we will continue to lean on Emma for her expertise. Thanks so much!!!

Sophie, 17 months

“Emma was kind enough to visit our home and meet Sophie. With Emma’s insight and expert advice she guided us into implementing and maintaining sustainable routines and structure that would enable us (and most importantly) Sophie to sleep through the night.

Night 1 – Sophie woke only once.
Night 2 – Sophie slept right through the night. Since then, so far sooo good! We were and still are amazed at how well Sophie has adapted to her new sleep schedule after being held, bounced or rocked for 17 months straight.

Emma we can’t thank you enough for your help. None of our questions or concerns went unanswered. We felt nothing but reassured, supported and complete empathy from you. Your insight and explanations into certain processes and techniques all really made sense to us and were easy to apply to Sophie’s bedtime routine.
Our only regret is that we didn’t call Emma sooner.
Thank you so much for your compassion and support.”

Noha and Shams, 12 months

I cannot possibly say enough good things about Emma and her incredible services. She is a magic worker, and I am not exaggerating when I say she saved our lives!
For 12 long months, we were all sleep deprived, grumpy and stressed to a point of complete misery. We were stuck and had no idea how to get out of the horrible cycle of no sleep and rocking all night with our first born. I really believed he was unfixable! But Emma, somehow, managed to get him to sleep through the entire night well within ONE WEEK of her program and support! I just wish we had found her sooner!

Adele and Delilah, 5 months

I’m so grateful to have meet Emma but also to have taken the courage to follow my instincts. My little baby girl was 4months old when Emma came around. She always has been a good sleeper at night, very early drop the night feed and would do block of 6hours by 2months! However, she always struggle with day time nap.Still I thought I was so lucky! then came the 3/4months change and she would not sleep for more than 45mins (mostly on me) during the day. Some naps were 20mins after doing some ninja move to manage to put her down. She was snack-feeding all day and I had to start giving her formula (I was so upset) as my body couldn’t follow the every 45mins feed from 6am to 7pm. I was literally drained! She became really grumpy, cry a lot, wouldn’t handle anything but being carried or fed. My husband thought it was normal and I should just stick to it, but I knew that she needed more than 45mins siesta throughout the day. So trust me, I called Emma without my husband consent and the first two days were hard (as I had no support apart from Emma). But OH THE CHANGE after two days! Now after a month since Emma came she sleep for 3naps and one of them is two hours! She sleeps from 6.30pm to 7am, and she is back on breast milk only!She is a delight and I enjoy every seconds she is awake.She smiles, laugh, and has so much energy all the time. Even my husband recognised that it was the right way to get support and he is glad I did it. If I have an advice: don’t wait. It is so worth it! I was pretty tight with money but I never regretted having spending it! It is ok to recognised we need help sometimes! Thank you Emma! thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Rhianna and Magnus, 5 months

“If you are thinking about getting help from Emma…JUST DO IT!

Our gorgeous son, Magnus, had been a pretty good sleeper from very early on.

At around the four month mark we noticed some changes in his sleep habits (the dreaded four month sleep regression!) so contacted Emma to help us support Magnus through the regression by teaching him to self settle. We also wanted to transition him into his own room and bring his bedtime forward (we hadn’t been able to succesfully settle Magnus down for the night until around 9pm!).

We were blown away by how quickly and seamlessly Emma was able to help us achieve our goals. Her methods and routines were tailored to suit our family and she worked with us to ensure that we had the confidence and skills we needed to be able to help Magnus become a great sleeper!

Within a few days of working with Emma, Magnus was self settling, sleeping in his own room and happily in bed for the night by 7pm.

We couldn’t recommend Emma highly enough!

Rhianna and John”

Michaela and Sophie 9.5 months

One evening we were sitting down eating tea as a family my Husband, myself and our 9.5 month old daughter….
This evening was different.
We had the tv on which is very rare for us.
I wanted the news on just to see what was going on in the world besides my own little world.
A segment came on I heard them mention words like baby’s, sleep, sleep deprivation, sleeping through, parents, experts.
I said to my husband quick turn it up and we watched the segment. I didn’t catch the name of the business so I asked my husband – thankfully he heard it…..
After the stork.
So that night we were googling, I was desperate this night for sleep.
Who am I kidding I was desperate for sleep everyday and every night since our daughter was born.
We felt we had tried everything and no success ! What did I have to loose at contacting After the Stork I was already sleep deprived.
– My biggest worry’s were we live 6 hours away from Emma how can she help me from that far away!?
– Spending money on something I didn’t know if it would work or not!?
There are so many conflicting things on google, like how your baby “should” be sleeping through from 6 months.
There are so many sleeping aids and sleep experts out there claiming to have the key to sleep. You hear so many stories from people and it all gets so conflicting and confusing, you go round and round in circles.
I contacted Emma – the best thing we have ever done for our family’s lifestyle and sleep. We had all the pieces to the puzzle just needed Emma to help us put it all together. And she did !!
I now have time in the evening with my husband to catch up on our days.
I thank Emma so much for the happy lifestyle we have now as a family and most importantly sleep!!
– Michaela

Jennifer and Sebastian, 6 months

I honestly cannot thank Emma enough!!
In brief Sebastian was a premature baby and had issues with feeding (including a lip and tongue tie) but once we got through all of that he was a fabulous feeder and sleeper, even sleeping through the night at 16 weeks. Unfortunately though when he hit 4 &1/2 months things began to unravel. He began stirring 1 to 2 times a night, needing me to resettle him either through patting, holding, rocking, hushing, or placing the dummy in his mouth. Fast forward a few weeks later and I was resettling him 6 to 8 times a night. Clearly my settling techniques were not working and he wasn’t growing out of it as I had hoped. In addition to sleeping poorly at night Sebastian would also sleep terribly during the day. His day sleeps were unpredictable and like any baby with an older sibling he was dragged out of bed to do school drop offs, pick ups and after school activities.
In my desperation I had resorted to googling a gazillion different settling techniques and routines, reading baby books (in my spare time), and speaking with family and friends. I was certain that it was some type of sleep regression but I didn’t know how to fix it.
I was given Emma’s name by a fabulous friend who too had a baby with sleep challenges. When I finally made contact with Emma I was exhausted and at the end of my tether. From the outset Emma reassured me that Sebastian was experiencing a common sleep problem and it was fixable! I remember getting off the phone to Emma and feeling relieved and reassured that with her help and expertise Sebastian and I could get through this together.

The first few days were extremely hard but rewarding. With Emma guiding me step by step I was able to teach Sebastian how to self-settle, I ditched the dummy and put him into a routine that he so desperately needed. Importantly Emma’s techniques were gentle and ensured that Sebastian knew I was there for him as he learnt his new lifelong skill of sleeping and self-settling. Emma supported me through each day and night and within four nights Sebastian would wake and self-settle!! By the time I finished working with Emma I didn’t even have to go into Sebastian’s room if he roused during the night. Furthermore, his day sleeps improved immensely and I now have a baby that on most days will take three good day sleeps and sleep nearly 12 hours at night!
Overall Sebastian has come so far in just over a week. Sebastian (and I) could not have achieved this without Emma’s help. My only regret is that I wish I would have contacted her sooner. I would not hesitate in recommending Emma to anyone who is experiencing sleep problems with their baby.

Kara and William, 14 weeks

When I first contacted Emma I was desperate. My 14 week old baby boy was waking to feed up to 6 times through the night and often needed to be resettled 2 to 3 times in between feeds. I was lucky to get up to an hour of sleep at a time. I resorted to co-sleeping most nights just to get some rest, but I was absolutely exhausted. I was trying to follow a routine, but I was having to resettle him numerous times during his day sleeps too. I had to pat him to get him off to sleep and to get him to resettle both day and night, and it was very rare that he’d go to sleep on his own and without crying. Being my second baby I thought I’d have no troubles, my first had slept through from 9 weeks, but I had started to really feel out of my depth.

The first time I spoke with Emma it was obvious that she knew what was she was talking about and that she genuinely cared about helping her clients (both the babies and the parents)! Emma was so supportive, gave very clear and achievable guidance, and was always happy to work through my questions and concerns. It was such a relief to have someone hold my hand and guide me out of the fog!
My little man has responded so well to Emma’s methods. The changes have been amazing! Within a few days he was self settling, with no tears, for every sleep; and he was having proper day sleeps, including a long lunch nap, without needing to be resettled! Our nights are hugely different now too. I only get up to feed him once or twice and if he goes back in his cot awake, he just settles himself back to sleep. He keeps hitting personal bests for how long he is going between feeds overnight! More importantly he’s having really good feeds now, instead of snacking like he was before. I am just so proud of him. Our routine is working reslly well and bedtimes are never an issue. I finally feel like I know what I’m doing again, and it’s all thanks to Emma!

Ursula and Maddie, 7.5 months

Our lovely bub was initially a good sleeper, only waking to feed once or twice over night. However, at 4 weeks, she developed colic which persisted until about 12 weeks. This made 6pm-10pm a very distressing time in our household! Things then settled down until the dreaded 4 month regression hit. Our bub just stopped sleeping! At this point, I started researching baby sleep and downloaded and began using what I thought was an appropriate routine. I also started using the shhhh/pat method to help transition our bub to sleep. When I transitioned our bub our of the swaddle and also into her cot at 6.5 months we had 6 nights of hell! After this, without the comfort of the swaddle, both bub’s day and night sleeping unravelled. She was down to two naps and would generally only nap for 40-50 minutes at a time. She would then often be grisly or clingy in the afternoon. By bedtime, she was so overtired tired that she would fight to go to sleep and would then often wake up every hour until 10pm. After finally falling asleep (the both of us exhausted by this stage!), she would also wake twice a night to feed, around midnight and again around 4am.

I started dreading nap time and bedtime. I never knew how long it would take me to settle her or how long she was going to sleep for. While usually shhhh/pating her would get her back to sleep, some nights, no matter what I did – pat her, shush her, sing, feed her, nothing would work. I would eventually just walk around the nursery with her in my arms until she was asleep. Which wouldn’t have been so terrible, if she wasn’t still waking up 2 or more times a night, like she did most nights.

Before reaching out to Emma for help, I tried to sleep train our bub on my own using a mix of methods. I was not willing to leave her to cry, so I tried more gentle methods. However, our bub was still almost totally reliant on me to get back to sleep when she would wake. I didn’t have a consistent approach, so I might try her teething gel or feeding or just give up and go back to walking and patting her till she was fast asleep. Then I would tiptoe out of the room and curse any floorboard that dared creak in case it woke her and I had to start the whole process again!

I am by nature a lover of learning. I read books, articles, blogs, anything about baby sleep. I educated myself about routines, sleep training methods, wake times, sleep associations (which I thought I had broken!), naps, recommended daily sleep requirements etc. I was in ‘information overload’ mode. So, I tried a little bit of everything in the hope that something would stick. It was overwhelming and produced inconsistent results. Despite having our bub on a routine, I never really knew what kind of day we would have!

After first making contact with Emma, I remember feeling like I had won the lottery! I felt comfortable with her and liked her style. She really listened and wanted to work with my parenting philosophies, which were to use gentler methods. She reviewed the routine I had been using and identified some changes I could make immediately that really helped our bub’s sleep improve. She then created a customised routine for our bub. She also kindly, but firmly, got me to give our bub the space to learn the important new skill of sleeping independently, without so much intervention. I’m pretty sure this part of the training was harder on me than bub! But Emma was always there, patiently encouraging me to continue.

My main goals in sleep coaching with Emma were to have our bub take longer, more consistent naps during the day and to settle easier at night so that I could get a rest and some structure and back into my day. I do not have any available day to day family support, so I have done every settle, wake up and resettle since bringing bub home from the hospital. I was exhausted and often frustrated at having to fight my bub at most naps and night settles. Even though she was only waking several times during the night, the 8 months of broken sleep was taking its toll. I would then have to drag my tired self out of bed to do it all again the next day!

Since working with Emma, our bub’s sleep has improved tremendously. She now takes longer, regular naps and weaned off night feeds within the first week! I still remember how amazed I was the first time our bub slept through the night without needing a feed to get back to sleep. I had thought I would still be feeding overnight for several more months! The longer naps during the day meant I could actually sit peacefully and eat my lunch while reading a magazine – it may seem trivial but this lovely, normal experience was a huge change for me. Bub is also a lot less clingy or cranky in the afternoon, so it means we can now get out of the house if we need to. Hallelujah!

Simply, working with Emma has been life changing for our family. We are all getting more sleep and bub is happier than ever. I’m now enjoying the benefits of parenting as I am getting more sleep myself. While I have certainly had some challenging moments, and yes, there have been some tears (mostly mine!) and our bub is still developing her sleeping skills, we are miles from where we started when Emma first came to help us. I could not be more grateful. I no longer dread nap times and in fact enjoy being snuggled up with bub while going through our pre-nap routine. Emma is knowledgeable, kind, patient and available. She will be your cheerleader, which is so important as you make this transition with bub.

If you are seriously ready to help your bub and your family get longer, better quality sleep; or if you are simply exhausted; or find all the advice and information on baby sleep confusing, then I would not hesitate to recommend Emma to assist you in this journey.

Maria and Stella, 15 weeks

Here I was with baby number 2, and history began repeating itself. Stella would catnap and snack all day long. There was no predictability to my day and I was stressed and exhausted.

Emma was amazing! She spent 5 days at our home and in that time, she settled Stella into a very workable routine. It was a miracle for me!

Baby is much happier, and mummy is so much more relaxed and enjoying life. Emma was gentle and kind and very quickly observed what would work for my daughter. She continues to be a great support to us.

How to achieve the best overnight sleep for your baby.

We all love and need our sleep. And when we have a baby that’s not sleeping well, we will do almost anything to help. 

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